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2008 - Minutes of June 2, 9 Meetings

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 2, 2008

6:30 PM:        Open Meeting; Village School Town Offices.

Quorum present: Tina Skorput Cooper, Chair; Curt Wilton (CW). Michael Kirchner unable to attend. Also present: Administrative Assistant (AA). No press present.

Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.

Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.

Per resident request, Board approves letter to MassHighway Director Peter Niles requesting an explanation of sidewalk placement on newly reconstructed Shaker Mill Bridge.

Board will review Annual Officer Appointments at their next meeting.

7:00 PM:         James Domainque Sr. discusses Election Day events with the Board. Mr.
Domainque offers a letter to the Board detailing his version of the May 12, 2008 Town of West Stockbridge elections.

Mr. Domainque then details an encounter at property located at or near 10 West Center Road involving Police Officer Perrin. Mr. Domainque states that Officer Perrin was not on duty and not in uniform. Mr. Domainque stated that Officer Perrin instructed him to leave the premises because he was in violation of a trespass order. Mr. Domainque states that Officer Perrin acted in a very unprofessional manner and strongly suggested that the Board suspend Officer Perrin.

In response to a question to asking why Mr. Domainque was asked to leave the Village School property on Election Day, TSC responds that she, as the Chief Election Official of the Town, has control over the election. TSC states that she felt that Mr. Domainque’s presence would be detrimental to the election. TSC states that she asked the police to remove Mr. Domainque. TSC felt that it was in everyone’s best interest to ask Mr. Domainque to leave the property.

TSC and CW agree to pass along Mr. Domainque’s letter to Town Counsel for their review and to instruct the Board on how best to proceed.

Mr. Domainque then asks the Board if the Town issues “hawkers and peddlers licenses. Neither TSC not CW are familiar with that type of license and no one can recall one ever being issued in the Town but that the Board is the issuing authority for all Town licenses.

Mr. Domainque then asks for an application for a Class II auto license. The licensed property would be 10 West Center Road. He states that William Kie currently holds a license for 8 West Center Road and that he shouldn’t have one because one of the requirements of holding such a license is that Mr. Kie must be of ‘proper moral standing’. TSC responds that the Board has not issued a new Class II license in memory and does not have an application form for one. However, Mr. Domainque is free to apply in the name of Vivian Kie. The Board will have to locate a license application.

CW states that the Board takes Mr. Domainque’s claims seriously and will investigate them and will be advised by Town Counsel. TSC says that the Board will get back to him in a few weeks. Mr. Domainque offers Vivian Kie’s phone # 413-464-3550.

7:30 PM:        Tina Bardwell, representing Parks and Recreation, gives an update of activities. Card Pond will open up on June 20 and this year’s lifeguard will be Jillian Culver. Portable sanitary facilities and the continuing geese problem are discussed.

7:45 PM:        There being no further business to come before the Board, CW makes a motion to adjourn. TSC seconds the motion. Vote taken, 2-0 in favor.

Meeting minutes accepted by:

___________________________     ________________________
Tina Skorput Cooper, Chair                 Curt Wilton

Date: ___________

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2008

6:30 PM:        Open meeting; Village School Town Offices.
Quorum present: Tina Skorput Cooper (TSC), Michael Kirchner (MK), Curt Wilton (CW). Also present: Administrative Assistant (AA). No press present.

Board reviews and accepts previous meeting minutes.
Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.

6:45 PM:        Josh Morse, who has been working on an Eagle Scout project, addresses the Board. Josh states that he has been working on his flowerbed planting project since last year and the final part is a flowerbed around the new Town Offices sign in front of the Village School. He notes that because of the delay in getting the new sign installed he is worried that he won’t get his project finished. He notes that the sign vendor, William Kie, has been contacted numerous times but has not yet installed the sign.

MK states that everyone has been waiting for the sign to get installed and Josh and his family have been very patient. MK pledges to at least get the sign posts properly installed by the end of this week. Josh can then make his flowerbed safely. Board members comment on what a nice job Josh has done with his beautification project around Town. Josh and his family thank the Board for their assurances.

Other Items:    
AA is scheduled for a deposition in the Lane/ZBA lawsuit this Wednesday at 10:00 AM.

Posting for the June 30 Special Town Meeting needs to be done no later than June 16. Board will review the warrant at their June 14 meeting.

Board reviews updated Priority List.

AA will be on vacation the week of June 16.

Board reviews and approves a letter to Vivian Kie, which states that a Class II license for 10 West Center Road cannot be issued and is not allowed by Town of West Stockbridge Zoning By-laws.

AA informs the Board that the Town’s insurance claims adjuster viewed the Flumerfelt property recently with the Highway Supt. and will issue a letter to Mr. Flumerfelt stating their position on Mr. Flumerfelt’s claim that the town bears responsibility for property damage to his driveway and lawn caused be a severe rain/snow melt event back in March. CW notes that a ‘road emergency’ was declared during that event and that there was documented damage to Town roads and private properties in several areas of Town.

AA is setting up a meeting with CMS, the Town’s project manager for the Village School project, to officially close out the building project.

Board reviews a draft of the Annual Town Officer’s Appointment list.

7:30 PM:        There being no additional business to discuss, CW makes a motion to go into executive session for the purpose of non-union personnel collective bargaining and not to return to open session upon completion. MK seconds the motion. Roll call vote taken: TSC, aye; MK, aye; CW, aye.


Meeting minutes approved by:

_____________________   _______________________ _____________________
Tina Skorput Cooper, Chair      Curt Wilton                             Michael Kirchner

Date: ____________

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