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Public Auction of Property 16 State Line Rd, W Stockbridge *** Click for Details



Notice is Hereby Given that on November 7, 2018 at 11:00 AM at 16 State Line Road, West Stockbridge, MA 01266, the Town’s Tax Title Custodian acting on behalf of the Town of West Stockbridge and in accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 60, Section 77B, SHALL OFFER FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION the herein after described property acquired by the Town through Tax Title Foreclosure.  Bidder registration will commence at 10:00 AM.

A certain parcel of land with improvements thereon, if any, located at 16 State Line Road in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and containing 11,761 square feet of land more or less, shown on Assessor’s Map as Parcel 326/102.0-0000-0038.0, and being the premises described in the Southern Berkshire Registry of Deeds Book 1166, Page 190.  A One Thousand Dollar ($1,000.00) deposit will be required to pre-qualify for auction participation.  THE MINIMUM BID FOR THIS PARCEL SHALL BE $30,000.00.  


1.   A deposit will be required to pre-qualify for auction participation as specified above.  Deposits shall be in the form of money order or certified or bank check made payable to the Town of West Stockbridge and to the bidder.

2.   The parcel is sold to the highest bidder “AS IS” with no guarantees as to the condition of the improvements and/or for further construction and/or improvements to the parcel and/or environmental conditions thereon and/or the insurability or marketability of title other than that the title has been foreclosed upon by the Land Court.  Pursuant to G.L. c. 21E, § 2, the Town holds no obligation or responsibility associated with the parcel regarding possible contamination resulting from prior activities on the parcel.  .

3.   The following persons shall not be qualified to be the successful bidder: (1) the prior owner of the property or his/her agent, representative, assign or straw; (2) any person currently delinquent in paying his/her own personal taxes or other charges to the Town of West Stockbridge; (3) any person who was the subject of a tax title foreclosure by the Town; and (4) any person who has ever been convicted of a crime involving the willful and malicious setting of fire or of a crime involving the aiding, counseling or procuring of a willful and malicious setting of a fire, or of a crime involving the fraudulent filing of a claim for fire insurance.

4.   The successful bidder shall sign a Memorandum of Sale and shall have 30 days to pay the balance due.  Failure to close within 30 days will result in the loss of the deposit.  Any and all bids may be rejected if it is deemed by the Custodian to be in the best interest of the Town.  The successful bidder will be required to pay the following:

A.   A payment in lieu of taxes, also known as pro forma taxes, which are the taxes on the property as of the closing date through the end of Fiscal Year 2019, that is through June 30, 2019, pursuant to the requirements of G.L. c. 44, § 63A; the first tax bill issued thereafter will be for the tax period starting July 1, 2019;

B.   A deed recording fee of $175.00; and

C.   Legal fees of $400.00 per parcel for legal services provided to the Town by K.P. Law, P.C. in conjunction with the auction.

5.   The successful bidder will be required to execute a Disclosure Statement as required by G.L. c. 7C, § 38 and a Certificate of Compliance pursuant to G.L. c. 60, § 77B.

6.   Any and all bids at such sale or any adjournment thereof may be rejected if in the Custodian’s opinion no bid is made which approximates the fair value of the property.

7.   Any materials or documents concerning this auction prepared or furnished by the Town or its employees or agents are solely for informational purposes.  No warranty or representation is made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information.  Prospective purchasers should make their own investigations and draw their own conclusions.


Town of West Stockbridge 21 State Line Road, West Stockbridge, MA 01266
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