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2007 - Minutes of June 4, 25 Meetings

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2007

6:30 PM:        Open Meeting; St. Patrick’s Parish Center
Quorum present: Curt Wilton (CW), Tina Skorput Cooper (TSC), Michael Kirchner (MK). Also present: Administrative Assistant (AA). No press present.

Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.
Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.

Board reviews and signs a letter to MassHighway seeking assistance for additional paving between the limits of the Shaker Mill Bridge project scope of work up to the recent re-paving line near Oak St. If the State agrees to add this work to the project, paving would be new from the bridge all the way to Richmond town line on Rte. 41.

Board signs a contract extension with Center for Ecological Technology (CET) as the vendor for the Southern Berkshire Household Hazardous Waste consortium, of which W. Stockbridge is a member.

Board of Health Chair. Earl Moffatt discusses his plans for a bulky waste date scheduled for June 23 at the Transfer Station. Two 30-yd. containers will be supplied. The event will start at 8:00AM and end when the containers are filled. A flyer with event particulars will be distributed prior to the event. Earl says that the Board of Health will pay the cost of the containers and their transportation. Boy Scouts will be asked to help out at the event.

Earl has a general discussion about the history of the old Town landfill. Several years ago, Town Meeting appropriated $20,000 towards its closure but no action was ever taken. Earl will supply the Board with his files on the case.

Earl talks about the Hill House that is being scheduled for demolition. He would like permission to go in the house because there is a rumor that historically interesting photos might still be in the house. Board grants permission. MK asks if the Board of Health will be baiting the property for vermin before it is torn down. Earl will research Board of Health requirements.

Earl expresses his concern about historically significant structures being demolished in Town. He cites the residence next to the glassblowing shop on Harris St. that was torn down without notice two years ago. MK responds that the Historic Commission seems to have gotten much more active lately and that they would be a good ally in watching out for historically significant properties.

7:05 PM:        Gordon Soule asks for an update on the weed removal at Shaker Mill Pond. CW informs Gordon that the weeds were treated today as scheduled and results should be seen in a week or two. Gordon thanks the Board. Gordon then asks about whether a truck traffic study has been scheduled for Swamp Rd. Gordon is informed that BRPC has been contacted with the Town’s request and that traffic studies usually take place in the summer when interns are working at the agency.

Other Items:    Board reviews options for Special Town Meeting articles. Several accounts will be overspent by the end of the year. Board is presented with three options on how to address the deficits and will decide by the next Board meeting. Requesting a Reserve Fund transfer and consent on the 3% end-of-year rule on transferring from unspent accounts would negate the need for a Town Meeting article.

        MK makes a motion to appoint Kathy Davis to the Cultural Council. TSC seconds the nomination. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.

        TSC asks if a meeting has been scheduled yet with BRPC and MassHighway to discuss the downtown reconstruction project. No date has been agreed to yet.

        TSC discusses the Assessor’s table for the new Town Hall project. Board agrees to have a local contractor build the new table at an anticipated lesser cost than the project contractor would charge.

        TSC asks if a letter has been sent to the Governor yet requesting a fix of the Town Election when the position of elected Town Collector was mistakenly omitted from the warrant but not the election ballot. The letter will go out this week.

        There will be a Village School construction meeting tomorrow at the site beginning at 9AM with a technology meeting same day at noon.

        Board reviews a MEMO on door signage at Village School and recommends going with the low bidder for $550.

        Board discusses a letter from MEMA related to NIMS training. CW signs a letter stating that all those that need to be trained have been trained.

        Board reviews the joint meeting held last week with the Finance Committee when financing options for the new Fire Truck were discussed. The meeting concluded that the whole cost of the new vehicle should be borrowed ($350,000) and that the $150,000 thus far appropriated should stay in a Stabilization account to earn interest. Treasurer Karen Williams will discuss borrowing options further with the Town’s Financial Advisor Clark Rowell.

        Board reads a letter received from B&B Landscaping stating that their costs for certain quarry stone will be increased and passed along to their customers because John S. Lane will not be able to import the stone from another facility B&B will now have to haul the stone from Westfield.

        AA notes that the Assistance of Rep. Pignatelli has been sought to file special legislation to allow ConsCom Alternate Members the right to vote in hearings.

8:00 PM:        MK suggests that a Chief of Police help wanted ad be drafted and reviewed by the Board in the event that Chief Cooper is not the Chief after June 30th. CW agrees and notes that the previous meeting with the Chief of Police Review Committee wondered what the Board had in place in the event that the Chief didn’t return. TSC would like to review any help wanted draft before it is released. CW and MK agree.

8:05 PM:        There being no additional business to come before the Board, MK makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. TSC seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.

Meeting minutes approved by:

_____________________   _______________________ ________________________
Curt Wilton, Chair                      Tina Skorput Cooper             Michael Kirchner

Date: ________________

Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
June 25, 2007

5:30 PM:        Open Meeting
Quorum present: Curt Wilton (CW), Tina Skorput Cooper (TSC), Michael Kirchner (MK). Also present: Administrative Assistant (AA). Berkshire Record reporter present.

Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.
Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.

Joel Hotchkiss presents a sign permit application to the Board for a new coffee/snack shop at Hotchkiss Mobiles to be named “Perks”. Board reviews the application which conforms to Zoning By-laws. MK makes a motion to approve the application. CW seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.

CW suggests that Representative Pignatelli and Senator Downing be invited to attend the upcoming downtown reconstruction meeting (7-16-07) with MassHighway. Letters to be mailed.

AA and Village School architect to review furniture plan and quotes at 7-2-07 meeting.

Board reviews FY 2008 Annual Appointments. Following a discussion, MK makes a motion to approve the amended list pending Special Town Meeting (6-27-07) action to the contrary. TSC seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.

CW notes that the utility pole in front of the Public Market looks like it needs to be replaced. CW to determine ownership (National Grid or Verizon).

6:30 PM:        Planning Board holds a joint meeting with the Selectmen to discuss replacing Planning Board Betsy Gross who has resigned to spend more time with her family. Following a discussion, Planning Board Chair Dana Bixby recommends Sarah Thorne be appointed to fill the vacancy. Planning Board member Mitch Greenwald seconds the motion. Joint vote taken, 7-0 in favor.

6:50 PM:        Cemetery Commissioners Arch Fadding and Holly Hamilton discuss the Cemetery Dept. budget for FY 2008. Holly had submitted a letter stating that quotes were received for Town Cemeteries mowing and additional funding would be needed to contract for mowing services. Holly states that former Commissioners filed the FY ’08 budget before quotes had been solicited. Quotes came in higher than the submitted FY 2008 budget.

        CW notes that FY 2008 budgets have already been approved by voters. A special town meeting would have to called to increase a budget. MK suggests that the Commissioners work with what they have appropriated for FY ’08 ($15,500) which is a $4,000 increase over the previous year. The subject can be revisited in the spring after a season’s worth of mowing expenses can be reviewed.

        Board and Commissioners have a general discussion about Perpetual Care and Perpetual Care interest and the rules on the use of those funds. Perpetual Care Interest can be appropriated by vote of the Cemetery Commissioners for items including: capital improvements, stone and monument repair, machinery purchase, and mapping/archiving. Normal operations are not to be funded with Perpetual Care Interest.

        MK tells Holly that the Selectmen are pleased with and support the Commission’s activeness.

        CW has a general discussion about the Cemetery Tree Removal line item which was included again in the FY 2008 budget ($7,500).

7:10 PM:        COA members Joan and Norwin Rehm present Gt. Barrington Senior Center (Claire Teague Center) Director Grace Zbell. Joan suggested that Ms. Zbell attend a Selectmen’s meeting to answer questions on Senior Center operations in general and the Director’s role in particular. The Town should receive word in the next few weeks whether its Senior Center funding application will be approved.

        Ms. Zbell discusses a Senior Center Director’s typical roles including: scheduling events, programs, lunches, classes, monthly newsletters, etc.

        Director reports monthly to the COA and is hired by the Board of Selectmen.

        Following an informative discussion, Board thanks Norwin, Joan and Grace for attending the meeting.

7:45 PM:        There being no additional business to discuss, MK makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. TSC seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.

Meeting Minutes approved by:

_______________________ _______________________ _______________________
Curt Wilton, Chair                      Tina Skorput Cooper             Michael Kirchner

Date:  ________________

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