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2014 - Minutes of May 19 Meeting
Board of Selectmen
Meeting Minutes
May 19, 2014

6:30 PM:        Open Meeting.

Quorum present: Karen Zick, Chair; Earl Moffatt; Peter Skorput. Also present: Admin Asst Mark Webber. No press present.

Board reviews and approves previous meeting minutes.
Board reviews and approves weekly warrants.

Reorganization of the Board following the Annual Town Election on May 12. Following motions by current Chair Karen Zick, the Board makeup for the next 12 months will be: Peter Skorput, Chair; Earl Moffatt, Clerk and; Karen Zick, Secretary.

7:00 PM:        Highway Supt. Curt Wilton (CW) gives the Board an update on activities. Highway
employee Jamie Boyer will be back to light duty next week after breaking his ankle back on May 7th. CW states that he has found a used pick up in Maine that fits the description of the vehicle approved at the recent Annual Town Meeting. The vehicle is available   now for $400 more than the $23,000 approved but CW thinks that the dealer will settle at the appropriated amount. Following discussion, EM makes a motion to approve the purchase. KZ seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor. CW has ordered 'turtle      crossing' signs and Board has a discussion as to where to place them. It is decided that the area near Mud Pond on Rte 41 and the area around Shaker Mill Pond near the bridge would be appropriate. CW notes that he is progressing with the gravel roads and that all will be done by June 1. CW wishes to revive the Capital Planning Committee in order to help him with future capital needs, including the loader and grader. CW would appreciate the help of others in determining how best to schedule and finance these and other major departmental purchases.

Other business/discussion/action items:

  • PS asks of the status of the Paige/Lawrence property on Cross Rd. The property went to public foreclosure auction and no one bid. PS notes that a neighbor may be interested in the property. AA will research whether another auction needs to be held or if if can be disposed of via another method.
  • Steve Dixon, owner of Queensboro Package discusses short term parking needs on Main Street and asks if the two 15-minute signs that used to be in front of the store could be replaced. Board agrees to put them back up on proper posts and to research the procedures for enforcement of same. Board also mentions the need to address speeding vehicles in the downtown area.
  • Representatives of the Farmer's Market inform the Board that the season will begin this Thursday and continue into October. Approval is granted to put up seasonal information signs for the market at four locations in Town.
  • Board discusses the problem of dogs running on the Village School property unleashed. AA will ask the Highway Supt to order a few signs to remind people to keep their dogs leased and to clean up after them.
  • Parks and Recreation Committee member Paula Farrell informs the Board that Parks and Rec is in desperate need of help and active Committee members. They are down to 2 members and they are coming into the busy season. Particularly, help is needed at Card Pond getting it ready and maintaining it during the summer. AA notes that he has been discussing the situation with the Highway Supt and that the swimming area will be set up by June 1. It is noted that the geese are a recurring problem that needs to be dealt with.
  • Board executes borrowing documents for the new fire truck which is expected to be delivered in the next two weeks.
  • Board reviews and approves a sign permit application for a consignment store at 2 Albany Road.
  • Per the recommendation of Wired West/MBI town representatives Jackie DelRossi and Pat Soldati, Board approves Steve Sautman as Pat and Jackies' replacement on the committee.
  • Board discusses the Community Garden and appropriate access to the site off of Rte 41. Organizers have been asked to tell volunteers not to drive through and across the Town Cemetery land.
  • Board discusses upcoming Memorial Day events.
8:15 PM:        There being no additional business to come before the Board, EM makes a motion
to adjourn the meeting. KZ seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.

Meeting minutes approved by:

__________________________      __________________________      ________________________
Peter Skorput, Chair                          Earl Moffatt                                       Karen Zick

Date: ___________

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