Assessors' Maps & Property Cards

Assessors' Records & Maps:


The link at the top will take you to CAI Query Manager Online, a website which will give you access to all of the Town of West Stockbridge Assessors' maps, including the ability to print them on your own printer. In addition, you can view the information that the Assessors have on property in town as well as view the associated property cards.

There are 4 things you need to be aware of:

  1. First, you must have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer. This compact freeware is a cross-platform browser plug-in for enhancing online content and media on desktop and portable PCs as well as mobile devices. The CAI website needs it to properly present you with town data. If your computer is running a version of Microsoft Windows, it probably already has Silverlight installed; check your start menu, and if you see Microsoft Silverlight in your list of programs, it is already installed in your system. If you already have Silverlight on your computer, this Microsoft web page will tell you so. Otherwise, you can install Silverlight (a Microsoft browser plug-in) from this Microsoft web page: Get Microsoft Silverlight.
  2. Second, the CAI website works best with the Internet Explorer browser. There are some features that do not work conveniently with the Firefox browser unless pop-ups are allowed for the CAI website.
  3. Third, once at the CAI website you will want to "Find" a particular parcel.
    1. If you enter a name, be sure to enter LAST name first (and then a comma if you wish to enter more of the name). Then click on "Find Owner".
    2. If you enter a street address, you must put 2 spaces between the house number and the rest of the street address. Then click on "Find Address."
    3. If you enter a parcel ID, please note the following:
      1. Parcel ID consists of 16 digits in which the first 3 digits are the Town code.
      2. West Stockbridge is 326.
      3. For purposes of this CAI Query Manager, ignore the 1st 3 (Town) digits.
      4. Digits 7 thru 12 are NOT used for this Query Manager — they are always zeros.
      5. For this Query Manager, enter the 4th, 5th, & 6th digits followed by a hyphen.
      6. Then enter the last 4 digits including the decimal point.
      7. For example: if the Parcel ID is: 326/102.0-0000-0010.0. You would enter: 102-010.0 and then click on "Find Parcel ID".

  4. Fourth, note that there is a Toolbar just above the map portion of the web page. For more help on how to use the Toolbar's icons, click on the "Help" icon and there is a pretty good tutorial under "The Toolbar" Help Topic.